Thursday, September 18, 2008

God, is he/she working for me!

Tried incorporating "it" in the above title but calling God "it" made me shudder, which made me realize that I am not agnostic but agnostic theist. Seems like having brought up in a typical Hindu environment has made me doubt, the doubt in existence of God, despite my logical opinion. The reason I am writing a blog on God is because I read this in user comment at Slashdot,

"Our concept of God is a entity that is inherently incapable of performing impressive actions. He might make impressive things, or be impressive to behold, but because his power is, by definition, unlimited, there can be no effort, or possibility of failure involved in his manipulations of the Universe. God creating a human being is no more impressive than a human picking a pebble off a beach; both are inherent skills that require no effort or risk of failure. But for a human being to create life, for a being of our meager abilities to succeed in reproducing, even in part, the awesome forces of nature and the cosmos... now that's impressive."

Although, above is true and full of arrogance, it reminds us of spoiled kids or in my case a pet dog. We bought him, fed him, took care of him when ill. Daily took him out for daily routine. Taught him to catch a ball. So now if he thinks that since he has limited brain activity so "him" catching the ball is more impressive then me taking care of him and decides to bark at me. Then I know its the time for my whip to come out and show my authority. I guess that God's whip is out, if we pay attention to recent natural disasters and bomb blasts.

Why, am I supporting the concept of God, simply put, recent blasts in Delhi have made me reconsider my point of view.

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