Friday, September 12, 2008

A day, country and intellectuals devoted to SB

Day starts with google reader, and when I find this quote "Of course Pakistan fighting terrorism is like a dog barking at its own tail, it’s not going to really do anything except bark." , more credible than the rest of the post by Bong, I move along to another post by Amit Varma, I get a thought in my head that now, even so called India libertarian are promoting SB.

I deliberately write it as SB so that you comic lovers ("self-lovers" inadvertently inclusive) will not be able get to it through this blog, nor will anyone searching for SB will land up on this blog.
"Not that anything is wrong with that" - Seinfield.

In last two days I have stumbled upon many famous Indian blogs, using SB as anecdote or comic relief or even for a whole post on it. Now I am confused, why, all of a sudden SB is getting so much attention. If it is to attract users who like SB and while searching for it may stumble upon their blogs. Even if that happens, will they stick to reading a-page-long-blog with no F words? Or rather in SB's case, no C word or T word or not even graphical support.

If it is to amuse their readers, well I will abide by it only if they weren't so blatantly promoting the SB website, making it almost a keyword.

It is necessary to mention here, that I have no qualms with Fly You Fool, as they make no false claims of morality or faith in humans. As they themselves claim "people are mindless cattle". I love their arrogant honesty.
But a little discretion doesn't hurt.

Well now going back to SB, I missed the last post.

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